Metal Craftsman- Tools for Working Wood

Our workshop uses a mix of contemporary and traditional manufacturing techniques - from arduino-driven custom machinery to hand craft techniques unchanged for over a century. This is an opportunity to bring your obsession with craft to another level, and join a small team focused on manufacturing our award winning line of American made woodworking tools.


  • Fine Metal Working Experience - This isn’t your first rodeo. Maybe you’be built bicycle frames, custom parts for your car, jewelry, or worked in a machine shop. Whatever it is, you love precision, and craft.
  • Manual Dexterity - you must be able to work quickly and with precision.
  • Batch Mentality - The ability to get in the zone and concentrate on a repetitive task Ability to stand for extended periods - this job is on your feet.
  • Workshop experience - You must understand shop safety practices and have good interpersonal skills. 

Work shop techs build saws in small batches of 10-30 saws. Approximately half of your time will be spent hand sharpening saws. The remaining time will be spent working on other tools, workshop projects, grinding, polishing, assembly/tuning

Full Time Position. Paid Training - 4 days a week for approximately one month. Upon successful completion of training you will be offered a position in our workshop with an expected weekly commitment of 35-40 hours per week. Training is paid at $15/h Once Hired Hourly Compensation is negotiable based experience, and proven ability with a base rate of $18/h. Generous Employee Discount on some of the finest woodworking tools in the world. Relaxed work environment, paid vacation and holidays, and flexible schedule.

Apply with resume, and examples of a project you’ve worked on. Don’t forget to include a phone number to the attached link.