Woodshop Assistant- Duggal Visual Solutions (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Duggal Visual Solutions is known across the industry as being an innovative leader in all things
display and print related. We provide our clients with a full range of support at any point along the way from concept through final installation. Our wide range of products and services include printing, fixture design and fabrication, multimedia system design and integration, and custom software creation enables our clients to create a unique, engaging and memorable experience for any number of applications. 

Full Time Position.  Overnights and Weekends are necessary on occasion. Pay based on experience - 401K and benefit options.

*Some skills listed below can be taught or learned, ALL require EXCELLENT HAND EYE coordination and a SAFETY FIRST attitude.

  • Wood Shop Machinery: such as table saws, band saws, drills and sanders

  • Computer Controlled Machinery: CMC wizard 9000 or eq / Double Miter Saw

  • Joining Machinery: Dovetail jointer, under pinner, and tendon joiner

  • Frame Finishing: graduated sanding, staining, puttying, wood touchup sticks, work with prefinished stained wood and painted moldings.

  • Versatility - must be willing to assist on any and all aspects of project from concept to creatioN


We are looking for an individual who is interested in learning Fine Art Framing and Mounting. From order reading to cutting, assembling and fitting of all the components needed for framing the applicant will shadow and assist lead framers thru all steps of the production. 

A careful eye and delicate handling of all framing items is a must. Patience and an attention to detail are very important attributes to succeed in this position.

Project timelines are tight so staying on task with excellent communication skills is a must. The applicant must have the interest and ability to see the job thru completion.

Please send resume to attached link