Our Mission

Stemming from the complex and unrewarding search of looking for a job in the art world, this website provides a place for skilled artists -with a love of material and process- to find work in the New York City Region. Through a submission process that is overseen with a strict eye for quality, professional setting and respect of material, The Art Job Collective provides a listing of jobs that fit the criteria. We are dedicated to maintaining a community that is committed to valuable skill. 

Our Story

2014 found me in New York City looking for a job that would put to use the skills I had acquired over the past 8 years in the ceramic field. I am a ceramicist by trade but often find creative side jobs to provide me with motivation and a steady income.  I would move from job to job looking for a way to stay stimulated and immersed  with the task in front of me while my mind was always on my own studio work. I realized that the reason finding a job that engaged my hands and mind was difficult because there was nowhere to look.

Over some beers in Brooklyn, The Art Job Collective was conceived. Surrounded by a group of makers who thought this could be a valuable asset to our field, I hatched a small plan.

Katie Coughlin
Founder of The Art Job Collective